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Safe Note app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 4445 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: Bedroom Developers Ltd
1.99 USD
Current version: 3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Nov 2008
App size: 10.2 Mb

✮ Over 1 Million downloads! ✮
v3.0 is here with a great new look!

- Top of the Whats Hot charts
- says "Really great price for a simple notes app"
- Just a simple note app thats easy to use

Download and keep your notes secure with a password!

✓ NEW! USB Stick for your files!!
✓ Tweet notes
✓ Update Facebook status
✓ Export to iTunes
✓ Create backup files
✓ Reminder alarm
✓ Lockable notes
✓ Retina support
✓ Full orientation support
✓ Optional password
✓ Password recovery question
✓ Numeric password screen with custom keypad
✓ Custom fonts
✓ Tabbed lists for quick access
✓ Mark notes as favorite or priority
✓ Search your notes
✓ Email notes
✓ One button transfer notes from the free version (in settings menu)
✓ Auto save notes in the background
✓ iPhone 4 support
... and more

"Finally, a note app thats not complicated!"
Hundreds of people are downloading Safe Note each day. Join them and keep your information password protected!

Safe Note is the simple application that allows you to keep password protected notes on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

With Safe Note you can create notes, to do lists, reminders and anything else on a no fuss text editor and keep them safe with a password.

This application has no fixed fields so you can enter anything you like! Fixed fields can become annoying and take away the freedom to write what you want. With Safe Note its your choice!


User Comments
"this is soo perfect cuz my friends are always looking through my notes and seeing what I write but this has a passcode on it! Its perfect!!!"
"Safe Notes looks like a great app, I used something very similar on the Palm for year and have been watching for an iPod Touch equivalent."

"Wish I hadnt wasted my money and time on all those others."

On the App Store since 2008! Thank you everyone for your support by downloading this application!

Pros and cons of Safe Note app for iPhone and iPad

Safe Note app good for

Great app. Its easy to use and files and store piles of info. I can carry a lot of sensitive info and not worry about it herring away on me.
I used to love this app but when I installed the new version it never opens! Please fix this so I can use the app again!!!!!!
Keeps the passwords/keys/numbers id like on hand secure and easily accessible.
Easy to use, very functional. Great security features, nicely laid out. I have never had a problem with it, its been over a year. Just make sure you keep up with your IOS updates. Thats what seems to hinder a lot of apps these days. :-)
I like the app. Works well, however most users now have 2 devices (iPhone and iPad), and there does not seem to be away to sync the 2 so they both have the same up to date info. When will this feature be coming out. Hurry! Also a file back up save to ones dropbox or other cloud storage would be nice. Thanks.
Just downloaded this app love the passcode access its just what Ive been looking or to keep my info safe. 4

Some bad moments

I have an iphone5 iOS6 and since the new ipdate 3.0 today, the application doednt open! It says it has to update database. When I click the "update" button, the application closes and return back to the desktop. Please help!!!
After latest update app crashes on opening. Unable to access my notes. No response to my 2 complaints. I notice someone else has the same problem. Am losing faith in this company
The update for this screwed up Safe Note Lost all info stored IDIOTS
I used to love this app and use it all the time but since the last update it does nothing but crash! It will no longer open. I can no longer have access to any of my notes! All gone!!! Do not get it!!!! Newer version is no good!! If they ask to update not!
Transfer from free version doesnt work. Should also provide cloud storage options or ways to recover files.
First, let me start by saying that the users have the right to know how their data will be protected. There is no info on the apps page or the developer website that talks about encryption. What I dont like: 1. You cant change font on all notes. This may give you flexibility to have different font on your notes but I like how the default Notes app handles font changes. 2. You cannot add pictures to your notes. 3. The interface is cluttered. I am using the paid version of the app. 4. You cannot go to the next note from a current note. You have to go to the main screen. Huge inconvenience. What I like: The app works flawlessly and the load time is negligible. Used a similar app in the past and the load time was exceeding almost 10 seconds.